Creating a dementia friendly society

We believe strongly there is a need for a society in which people with dementia are heard. That is why it is very important to increase understanding of the disease.

The programme ‘Samen dementievriendelijk’, inspired by earlier foreign dementia projects, is an initiative that will help our society to learn more about dementia and the ways one can help people with dementia and their carers. Within this program not only the public is trained to become a ‘dementiafriend’ by registering on a special website. They will be invited to do an online course where they learn to identify common dementia-related behaviours and their causes, and how to respond to them. But also a brought range of companies are addressed to become dementiafriendly in their products and services. Nationwide companies like supermarkets, bus- and taxicompanies, banks, insurers but also local retailers and many municipalities participate in this programme.


The Samen dementievriendelijk-campaign started in 2016 and will last untill the end of 2020. The goal is to reach a million Dutch citizens and have registered 310.000 dementiafriends by then.