Improving healthcare for people with dementia

People with dementia require care that fits their specific needs. One of the aims of the Deltaplan for dementia is to improve the quality of dementia care, by ensuring that people with the disease can continue to live at home as long as possible, supported by appropriate professional and informal care.


The programme ‘Dementiezorg voor elkaar’ is created to better respond to the needs of people with dementia and should lead to better care, support and improvement of the living environment of people with dementia and their families. Together with professionals and experts in dementia care we developed a special database with evidence-based recommendations and information to continue to live longer safely and longer at home. The program is effectively supporting health care organisations and professionals with questions or constrains in their daily work and was launched on March 1st  2016. The program will contribute to a new standard of high level of care and support for people with dementia and their carers. ‘Dementiezorg voor elkaar’ is run by a consortium of centres of expertise led by Vilans.


On professional caregivers find information about the program and applications support partnerships to implement improvements in practice. During the program, the site is supplemented with tools, tips, methods, background articles, case studies and other tools to provide personalised and comprehensive care and support. Professionals who have good examples are invited to share cases with each other.


Deltaplan Dementia is also working on an Actieplan Casemanagement’, an improvement programme to optimise the preconditions and quality of dementia care, especially the role of case-management care.


The project Samen op weg helps to improve care and support for people with dementia and their families with a focus on funding and organisational questions and the role of health insurers. The project is developed and implemented under the responsibility of Health Insurers in the Netherlands.