Why a 'Deltaplan' for dementia?

Dementia is a major socio-economic challenge for our society. Due to an ageing population, the number of patients will grow exponentially in the coming years. In the Netherlands, dementia is the most expensive disease, accounting for more than 5% of the entire healthcare budget.

This challenge not only concerns the lives of people with dementia and their families, but also the healthcare and society as a whole. How can people with dementia continue their normal lives, stay at home as long as possible and maintain their independence? How do we organise care and support the family? How do we keep healthcare affordable? How can we work on the prevention, delay or cure of dementia? Can we force breakthroughs?


As a cooperative we believe in the strength of collaboration. We can bring together knowledge and expertise and therefore make the difference and achieve our goals. As a unique collaboration between the public and private sector, the implementation of our pillars of research, care enhancement and a dementia friendly society is strongly enhanced by the expertise and background of our members. 


Deltaplan Dementie; three pillars

Our aim is threefold and relies on three pillars:


  1. facilitating research to prevent or cure dementia
  2. care enhancement
  3. creating a dementia friendly society.


The responsibility for implementing our pillars rest with the most professional organisations, with a strong contribution of our members from their own commitment, expertise and background. The board facilitates and monitors the execution and progress.